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Information: Cintamani Stones


Cintamani stones for the planetary Cintamani grid project should only be sourced from trusted sources. Otherwise there is potential for contamination to the grid. There are three sources which have been approved by Cobra for this project. Those sources are listed below.

- it is ideal to bury the stones 30 cm deep directly into the Earth (if burying the stone)


- Tachionized stones are much better to use than non-tachionized stones.

- stones dropped into the ocean should be dropped as far away from the coast as possible.

- to bless a location most effectively the stone should be buried within 500 meters air line of the location, if possible. Otherwise just as close as safely possible would be good


           Opaque Stone = Regular Stone

- 3g+ gem quality stones are best for burying
- 4g+ gem quality stones are even better
- 3-4g regular quality stones can be used to bless bodies of water (oceans, ponds, rivers, lakes, etc.)
- 4g+ regular quality stones can be used for burying, but gem quality stones will create a more powerful activation
- 10g+ regular quality stones are very good to bury at vortex locations. But gem grade stones activate the vortex most optimally, so a combination of one big regular quality stone with a 3g+ gem grade stone would create a most harmonious and powerful activation for vortex locations. Although this combination is of course not necessary to do.
- If using 2-3g gem grade stones then two of those stones should be paired together in one hole for an optimal activation
- If using stones weighing between 0.5-1.9 grams then eight stones (mostly of gem quality) should be paired together into one hole to create a proper activation. Assuming the stones are all tachionized then this will create an activation approximately equivalent to a 3-4g gem grade stone.


- Stones weighing under 0.5 grams should not be buried


Trusted sources for Cintamani Stones:

Video: How to bury Cintamani Stones

Cintamani Tools

1x Screwdriver 15cm

1x Screwdriver 22-30 cm + 1 cm diameter

1x Kitchen ladle handle: 22-30 cm

1x Folding Shovel

Pierce the soil with the smaller screwdriver 15cm. This way you will find a spot where there are no stones in the way.

Make circular movements in the soil with the small screwdriver.

Make circular movements with the large screwdriver until the hole is wide enough for the stone.

Put the handle of the kitchen trowel into the hole.

Position the stone optimally in the hole in the ground. Use the kitchen trowel to push the Cintamani stone straight down into the hole with a lot of feeling.

Fill the hole in the ground with soil.

When you bury a large Cintamani stone, make a hole in the ground with the folding shovel.

Fill the hole in the ground with soil.

It is very fast and efficient, though it makes some noise. Within a minute or so, the stone is buried, no matter the soil conditions. In a very stoney soil or very cohesive soil it takes sometimes a little bit longer, but not really much.

The tool, the second from the right, is sufficient to make a large hole. 

Claw Nail Puller

This is a selection of cintamani tools that you can put together according to your inner guidance to bury cintmani stones.

Dry Earth

Pour water on the soil, wait until the water flows into the earth. Then follow the instructions of the video

Frozen Earth

Pour hot water from the thermus bottle onto the earth, wait until the water flows into the earth. Then follow the instructions of the video. 


GPS coordinates google maps for Cintamani Stones

How to cover a Cintamani position precisely

Air line measurement with google maps app

Water Stones

 Go to the shore of the lake. If possible, swim 30-50 metres into the lake (put the stone in a water bag or somewhere so that the water stone does not get lost while swimming). After swimming 30-50 metres, take the water stone in one hand and drop it into the water. If this is too dangerous or due to weather conditions: throw the water stone as far as possible into the water with full force and momentum.

Mobile phone battery charger 

 The battery of the mobile phone drains quickly when using google maps during Cintamani missions. 

Therefore, it is very important to have a strong power bank (battery charger) for your mobile phone so that you can charge your mobile phone several times while driving a car and/or on Cintamani missions. 

Example Power Bank (battery charger) : 

A USB poeckt lamp can also be used to charge a mobile phone and is ideal as a pocket lamp when travelling at night on Cintamani missions.

Example USB pocket lamp:

Find burial data on your mobile phone

Internet on Phone:

Switch on Internet (mobile data) and GPS, open Google Maps,
klick one time slowly with feel to the blue dot.

Decimal coordinates (longitude and latitude) appear at the top of the input field.

Take a screen shot or write down the burial data

GPS Navigation Devices:

With such a GPS navigation device you can connect it to the electric car lighter for power supply. You can programme all the places (destinations) into this device before the Cintamani mission. Then you are optimally prepared for the routes.

With the mobile phone (Google Maps), it is highly recommended to buy a holder for the mobile phone while on the Cintamani Mission. You have a good overview while driving the Cintamani route and you can connect the mobile phone directly to a USB point or electronic car lighter with a USB coupling device in the car for the power supply.

Collect Cintamani Burial/Water Datas

If possible please this datas:

 Burial (Earth) / Water Data

Any stone buried or thrown into the water: Screen Shot with GPS (burial/water coordinates (longitude and latitude),or write this data on a sheet of paper.

All burial/water datas share too:    

Accommodation for Cintamani Projects

Here you can find cheap accommodation. This provider also has a meditation centre.


Here you can find delicious and affordable food that would otherwise end up in the bin.

Exist in USA, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany Irland, Italy, Norway, Poland Portugal, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, UK


We are looking for worldwide reliable contacts for Cintamani Grid Projects. If you willing to do this, you can contact us there:



Donation Cintamani Planetary Grid Project

Money will be collected for the purchase of Cintamani stones, accommodation costs and transport costs.


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